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The job you completed at [my address] is truly magnificent. Everyone that walks in the front door comments how beautiful the stained windows enhance the overall appearance of the residence. We've enjoyed working with you again and we will give our friends and acquaintances your recommendation without reservation.

-John C.

On Thursday, March 13, 2007, I inspected the stain glass window prepared and installed at my property located in Los Angeles, California by Sunlight Studio. The window, which was created by using a small portion of salvaged materials and the artistic talent of Eugene Bandel, is an absolute replica of my original design. I could not be happier with the finished product and accept his work as a completed project.

-Adriane A.

It has been almost six months since you installed our beveled glass windows. We wanted you to know how delighted we are with the whole thing - the design, its execution, and installation. We are fully satisfied and very proud of your creation. And everyone who sees the windows comments on their elegance and beauty. Thanks for a job well done.

-Joseph W.

Thanks for an on-schedule installation of the beveled glass windows and door at our new home in Ocean Ridge. We are totally thrilled with the way they look. They achieve the effect that we wanted. You are to be complimented on the quality and artistic ability that is demonstrated in our glass windows and front door. We would be pleased to tell anyone that we are very satisfied customers.

-Jim and Marlene F.

Thanks guys! Your work is beautiful and will be the main conversation piece at our dinners.

-Ellen C.

The window looks great! We've received lots of compliments. Thanks!

-Teeue S.

Thanks again for an incredibly beautiful window. We are thoroughly enjoying it! We'll call you soon for a dinner date. Thanks.

-Kathy and Rich.

Thank you for a beautiful job. I will try and get by at the end of the week to pick up my outside light fixture.

-Linda P.

Thanks for the beautiful job! Best regards.

-Michele J.

Thank you so much - the windows are beautiful.


Thanks Eugene the windows and glass look great!


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